The Case for Christian Persecution

Don't be misled by the title of this article. I don't believe anyone should be persecuted based on their religious or social beliefs. On the other side of the coin, no one should have the right to force anyone else to believe, say or do what they do not believe in.

Tragically, there are those who would take this freedom from others. There are those who seek to cancel or punish others (or worse) who refuse to participate in their new social ideologies and dangerous agendas.

In today's generation of "wokeness," we have seen many vicious videos making their way around the internet. Many of these videos show mobs of "woke" activists in various public places including restaurants and grocery stores surrounding their prey, bullying, shouting at them to raise their fist in solidarity with their cause and denounce their whiteness or be punished. And many were punished with physical violence.

These, and many other groups, have used similar ideologies to tear down many historical sites and statues that they deem to be a threat to their cause. One example being the statue of Abraham Lincoln, with the the emancipated former black slave at his feet, of whom was modeled after Archer Alexander, the last man captured under the Fugitive Slave Act.

Unfortunately, many similar social trends have also set their sights on changing or removing religion in an ideology coined as "cancel culture." Today, we are seeing unprecedented censorship and hearing many calls to "deprogram" the "religious Right" from those seeking to punish their political opponents. Most of these potential victims happen to be Christians.

The other targets include tearing down statues of Jesus Christ, removal of any and all mentions of "God," "Creator," "Men," "Women," "In God We Trust," "Under God" from any and all places including schools, The Constitution, money, historical sites, the White House, etc. Other such targets include punishing religious hospitals, (again), for not offering anti-Christian services like abortion, gender changes, and birth control, as well as removing any tax breaks or exemptions from any groups who use "non-profit" for religious purposes.

The Call to Tear Down Statues of Christ

However one may feel about the “Black Lives Matter” protests in 2020, most Americans tend to agree that it quickly got out of hand in many ways. Upwards of one-hundred statues around the world, historical sites, plaques and artwork depicting any part of the slave trade or the Confederacy from the Civil War were torn down. I believe we can all agree that slavery is incredibly wrong and that many of those statues needed to be removed.

No matter how it's argued or justified, there isn't much of the Civil War that was clear-cut, right-or-wrong or good-or-evil with exception of slavery. In a quick look through the history of the Civil War, the morality of slavery was not the reason for war, at all. It was twofold: economics and politics. You see, the South was heavily agricultural and the North was industrialized at the time. The South used slaves to grow crops and wanted to be able to take them up North in a bid for territorial expansion but the federal government kept them from this as well as other state rights.

The North, being industrialized, used poor white immigrants as their paid labor and weren't interested in using black slaves- but not from a moral viewpoint. Meanwhile, the white immigrants were afraid that these black slaves which kept being brought over to America were going to steal their jobs. [One could argue here that these white immigrants were paid slaves as they had to buy their own food and lodging while still being whipped and put into dangerous job conditions, though this is a very controversial view, nowadays.] The one thing missing here: neither side was against slavery. Even Republican Abraham Lincoln wasn't against slavery at first, until much later in his presidency. Something changed his mind, and after which he fought long and hard to end it.

The main point is that, at the time of the Civil War, neither side was against slavery. Yet, the BLM movement has narrowly focused on only removing Confederate statues with an arguably false notion that they were the only "bad guys" or that the Union were the "good guys". For me, this fact is a reminder that, just like today, neither halves of the country can be labeled as strictly good or evil as both moral dichotomies are found within each. There were many from BOTH sides during the civil war who were against slavery.

Why am I giving a review of history on an article about Christian persecution? My answer is this: history repeats itself. Think about it. If a group called "Black Lives Matter" will tear down statues that they believe to be symbols of hate and slavery through an incredibly narrow lens of history, then what other victims of this "cancel culture" will other groups find fault with in an effort to find someone to blame no matter how narrow-sighted it may be? Remember, there is dangerous rhetoric spreading today like wildfire that violence, rioting, and silencing your opponents is okay if it has a just-cause. Finding "just causes" is an extremely slippery slope when they are based in human emotion. Slippery and firm roots don't work together.

After months of rioting and violence in 2020, many of these protesters, after removing what they felt were symbols of “white supremacy,” set their eyes upon a new target: Jesus Christ, but not in a good way. Activist Shaun King was one out of many who publicly called out for all “white” statues of Christ to be removed as they were now viewed as symbols of hate and racism. Some justified that they should be removed because of skin color; after all, Jesus was 'probably' brown.

If this decision to remove a 'racist' symbol due to the statue's 'skin' color (if marble is white, what race is granite, I wonder?), with the hope to preserve one that is closer to the person's heritage, will they remove black statues of Christ? Yellow? Where does it end?

The Trump Accountability Project (TAP)

This next one may be the most disconcerting. Before the 2020 election, many members of the DNC and their supporters, in what most feel is an irrational hatred towards President Trump, publicly called out time and again for the President to be 'accountable' for what they believe to be great wrong doings. Many of the same things were praised by the RNC as great Christian policies. So many members of the DNC created a list and assisted in its circulation. This list known as "The Trump Accountability Project", started with Trump's name, then Republican members of the House and Senate who they felt had promoted wrong-doings towards their ideology were added. The purpose of this list was to punish the DNC's political opponents once their President nominee, Joe Biden, was in power and their people were in control all three branches of Government to not be hindered in their movement towards socialist goals.

Now, when this cancel-culture movement grew to heated popularity, so too did the size of the list. As it was sent around, emailed, tweeted, posted on Facebook, this group encouraged other Democrat supporters to add any names of those they knew to be Trump supporters or voters. All slated to be 'punished'.

Thankfully, the TAP was eventually canceled and closed. We pray it will stay that way.

The Secular Democrats of America

Early December 2020, The Secular Democrats of America, a group founded and backed by many Congressional Democrats, published a 27-page report detailing many proposals that would remove any trace of God or Christianity in our society. These proposals have already been submitted to the Biden/Harris administration.

In their preamble, they say their g