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NEW Video Discussions - Bro. Goddard

After many requests for a live discussion, we did the next best thing. We had planned to make this shorter than two hours, but the discussion was just too interesting!

We cover many items, of which I will put below the video.


*Next time I'll have to fix my camera so I'm looking at both Bro. Goddard and my camera.*

Last Days Discussion

  • Christ commanded us to watch and even told us what to watch for.

  • Is the "day of the gentiles" over?

    • Why is it the "day of the Jews"?

    • Part of the Restoration?

    • Jewish Temple.

    • God's promise to protect Israel.

  • Signs to watch for:

    • Celestial:

      • 2017/2024 Solar Eclipse.

      • 2020 Star of Bethlehem.

      • 2017 Sign of the Woman.

    • Super Shemitah:

      • 7 x 7 = 49th year.

      • Began 9-7-2021 and ends 9-6-2022.

      • Gives either a fiscal blessing or curse.

      • Gives back inheritance or takes it away.

    • Distress of Nations:

      • Wars, Rumor of Wars.

      • Shortages.

      • Woke/Cancel Culture.

      • Calls for a "National Divorce."

      • Constitution hanging by a thread.

      • "Gadianton Robbers" in Government.

      • Secret Combinations.

    • Natural and not so natural disasters:

      • Plagues of all sorts.

      • Volcanic (La Palma in Tonga).

      • Geomagnetic Storms (Oct. 11th Northern lights).

      • 40 Earthquakes off NW coast & Japan.

      • Pole Switching.

      • Solar Activity.

    • Fear with "heaven's power shaken."

      • Christ Cleansing His Church - People Falling Away:

        • Prophet getting vaxxed.

        • (A Prophet's Opinion Hat vs. Prophet Hat)

        • Personal revelation.

        • Division in politics.

        • "Popular Christianity" - re-defining sin.

        • Communism is OK.

    • Don't Live in Fear.

    • When Will Tribulations Begin?

    • Last Major Signs (before the Exodus):

      • Temples will close permanently.

      • Missionaries will come home.

      • The Anti-Christ, Anti-Prophet

      • The Exodus - Fleeing our homes like many before us.

    • The Cascade theory:

      • What is the trigger?

      • How quickly will things escalate?

    • Get Prepared:

      • Physically and Spiritually.

      • Is it too late to get prepared? (Shortages)

      • Believe, Watch, Pray and Act on Inspiration!

      • Keep Eyes on Christ.

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