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The Berisheet Prophecy

A fresh perspective into the last-days timeline!

"Did God reveal to the prophet Isaiah a clue as to where we might find the very first and most amazing prophecy in the bible?"

This is my new favorite presentation that give a great new last-days timeline. I find it very logical and it just makes sense. I love its enlightening, in-depth explanations through the Hebrew word, "Barisheet". Can we take God's word literally? Was Adam and Christ's age the same when they died as a symbolic similitude representing two kinds of death: a death of sin and a death to overcome sin? Will the "rapture" happen no later than 2023? Will the Second Coming happen in 2030?

***Please note here that my personal opinion and LDS prophecy education does not believe we will be transfigured ("raptured") until at least the city of Zion is built and offer instead that - should this timeline be correct - the event in 2023 would most likely be our great exodus and gathering to those places which are prepared for us to gather to when we flee our homes.***


Authored by C.J. Lovik.

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