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About Me

Honestly, I’d rather be writing about my main and current passion: Modern Prophecies.

So you want to know what kind of person is writing this blog.

My name is Camry Ragone. I have three boys. Me and my husband were sealed in the New York Temple.

I have been fascinated with modern prophecy for most of my life. I grew up in an active LDS household in the Pacific NW where we were okay with talking about hard things- sometimes even controversial. My mother is a Nurse and my father was a teacher as well as a Vietnam Vet. There weren’t many things we couldn’t talk about. Sometime in my early teens, my mother felt impressed to teach us about the Passover. There-after, each year, we would go through the whole Seder. We tried to make it as authentic and close to the real thing as we could, including food, symbols, items, actions, rites, etc. That was really the start for my respect for the Jewish culture and where my fascination for these symbols and beliefs grew from that mirrored my own.

My family did our best to be as obedient to the modern-day Prophets as we could. That included being physically and spiritually prepared and reading up on the signs of the times from various books besides the scriptures.

Even though it was tough to afford food at times, my mother worked hard to make sure we had 72-hour kits. We would go through those roughly about once a year to keep them current. We went to Self Reliance seminars, were part of a preparedness group with friends, we did our best to have regular Family Home Evenings. She made sure we knew how to cook, white glove clean, grow a large garden to which we each had a box to be responsible for and many other things. We learned a great deal about personal responsibility (and were not paid any allowance to which I am weirdly grateful for. Haha.) My father taught us tough lessons he had learned from growing up in a very poor, non-member home. The things he went through: hard physical labor at his family farm, starvation, working on the railroad with his father, beating poverty through his own hard earned work and being the only child to make it to college, the War, persecution on his character afterwards, quitting alcohol and smoking, why he left the Democratic party, not feeling worthy enough to join the church and go to the Temple, and the all-mighty power of redemption. These things and more – he would do his best to help us understand the why’s and the how’s in the hope that we would not have to go through those trials and learn those painful lessons. It is safe to say that my parents were critical in helping me obtain for myself a firm testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That isn’t to say I wouldn’t still later have to learn the hard way and find out first person, my own trials. Trials are unavoidable and are crucial to our growth. They can either grow your testimony or break it. That is its purpose. I tell my children that trials are a way for Heavenly Father to test and see what you’re made of. Will you curse his name or allow your testimony to grow?

I went on to receive my Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation from Fullsail University. I went many years after that working on free-lance productions, projects, then Lead Artist for a year at Kilroy Studios for WWII Online where I managed 10 different art groups simultaneously, assisted the CEO personally, took his place in meetings, tested new hires, and collaborated with an Art group from Sweden. Since then, I spend my time growing my family, researching prophecies and all things connected with them, playing video games (yep), reading, meeting with my writing group and doing research and writing for a game I am creating called O.C.E.A.N.S. I’m only half way through my story for it and the only one creating assets so it’ll be finished by the time I’m 40. Haha!

Anyway, as I grew older, married, moved, had children, moved, divorced, married again, had my current child, I kept those principles and traditions I knew. I still kept a 72 hour kit for each member of my family, we were consistent for quite some time in attending our preparedness group. On the years we were able, we always went to passover dinner at my parent’s house. I made sure to instill the ethic of hard work with my children and showing them the fruitful consequences of their good, wise and responsible choices. In turn, they will have their own trials of faith.

Sometime during this area of my life, my mother introduced me to “The Coming of the Lord” by Gerald N. Lund which is a compilation of all modern-day prophetic prophecies. It has been by far the easiest way to follow all the complicated time-lines and doctrines.

I LOVE history. All things historical! Unfortunately, my weakness here is that I really struggle to remember dates, times, details. So when I re-married, I was delighted to know that he was a history major. Better yet, he has a voracious appetite when it comes to Middle-Eastern history. So perfect! I’ve learned so much from him.

A little bit about my hubby. He grew up in New York. He joined the church with his mother when he was 10 years old. It brought safety and peace to his life in the midst of turmoil. He had attended Catholic school since he grew up in that faith. He went on to graduate from Brigham Young University, Idaho (where it turns out we were both there at the same time. The Lord’s timing is peculiar!) He has a Bachelor’s Degree in History Education and currently focus’s on current events and Middle-Eastern history. He has been instrumental in helping me with some of my research.

Some last randoms and curiosities about me. I play piano, the ocarina, guitar and I love to collect instruments. I have written some music. I have an adorable Sheltie dog name Link. I. LOVE. MY. CHILDREN. I cannot imagine life without them. I love archery and we try to keep our skill up by using the awesome archery range my dad helped me make (that he graciously keeps up) at his house in the country. We like to tease him sometimes that we’re related to moonshiners from his side of the family. The other half of the truth is that we’re also related to Clyde. As in Bonnie and Clyde. But ironically enough, Joseph Smith. Go figure. On my mom’s side we have doctors and scientists and about 3 different prophets such as Snow, Kimball, and Hinckley.

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