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Spiritual Readiness Checklist

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This checklist is created using the scriptures as well as direct words of the Prophets both old and modern-day to help prepare Latter-Day Saints - specifically - to make it through the Olive Press.

If you haven't read the article about the different Harvests that represent the church, you can find that link here.

In a quick lesson, the Olive Press is the last Harvest before the Tribulations which among many other things, is when we flee our homes to the places that have been prepared. It generally comes after the Hastening or Grape Harvest. The purpose of the Olive Press is to add a great amount of pressure (persecution, popular ideas, worldly pressure, etc) and squeeze out the "impure"; 5 unwise virgins in order to retain or "preserve" the righteous remnant (what's left) from the resulting destruction and violence. Why does Christ only want to preserve this righteous remnant that will be left? The reason: to have righteous and obedient servants who will build up the next part of His kingdom on Earth and observe the restored Laws. In the New Jerusalem.


Now, we are still in the Wheat and Grape Harvest now. They overlap. If you're a farmer, you'll know that tares grow with the wheat. The tares are the weed portion of the wheat plant and therefore undesirable to God. After the wheat is fully ripe, it is harvested with the tare and can only be separated afterwards leaving the tares to be burned and the wheat to be preserved and stored up. Thus the tares are separated and will be done away with first. Lastly, those who don't make the Olive Press stage, Prophet Joseph F. Smith said:

"I further testify, that unless the Latter-day Saints will live their religion, keep their covenants with God and their brethren, honor the Priesthood which they bear, and try faithfully to bring themselves into subjection to the laws of God, they will be the first to fall beneath the judgements of the Almighty, for his judgement will begin at his own house." Gerald N. Lund, "Coming of the Lord" pg. 71.

Remember, Christ never asked us to be perfect but to make our best effort. Repentance is available to us for a reason!

You might be a “tare” if:   

  • You support politicians, groups or movements who are for abortion - beyond the rape and life of the mother exceptions.

  • You are against the Defense of Marriage Act and revile the church for the support thereof and support groups who seek its downfall.

  • You claim to be a Christian but hate, bully and persecute others because of their background, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or race.

  • You advocate for women to have their own priesthood.

  • You do not keep the 10 commandments to the best of your abilities.

  • You revile against and mock the people of the church who are physically prepared.

  • You vote for, praise or condone any programs or groups that are Socialistic in nature.

  • You watch pornographic content. 

  • You do not repent.

You may be a "unwise virgin" and not make the "Olive Press" if:

  • You are not physically or spiritually prepared at all.

  • You come near to Christ with your lips, but your heart is far from Him.

  • You do not have a Temple recommend.

  • If you lie on your Temple recommend interview.

  • You are not honest in your dealings.

  • If you do not keep the Sabbath Day Holy to the best of your abilities and good intent.

  • You do not attend church or church at home or partake of the Sacrament when you are able to.

  • You do not minister to your Ministering brother's and sister's.

  • You do not pay tithing.

  • You do not watch for signs of the times or educate yourself in such matters.

How Can We Be Sanctified?

I wanted to add this section to be in addition to Jodi's wonderful presentation. She refers to being "sanctified" several times. We each need to be sanctified in order to become part of Zion. The blessings and powers that come with it are immeasurable. Here is a quick list that I have put together through the scripture search on

To be Sanctified...

The list above may seem quite familiar to those who have had the privilege of a Temple Recommend interview with a member of a Bishopric or Stake Presidency.

President Nelson said this in the April 2020 Liahona, "The time is coming when those who do not obey the Lord will be separated from those who do. Our safest insurance is to continue to be worthy of admission to His holy house. The greatest gift you could give to the Lord is to keep yourself unspotted from the world, worthy to attend His holy house. His gift to you will be the peace and security of knowing that you are worthy to meet Him, whenever that time comes." Read more about his article here.

It seems that the Lord has given us these keys to sanctification and encouraged us to practice each one of them throughout our lives, with the ever-present help of God, and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, in order to receive His image in our countenances. Then we will be prepared to welcome our Savior’s return!

In Conclusion:

The Lord requires hard things of us for the greatest of blessings.  What great rewards and blessing can be ours if we can make it through the Olive Press and be part of that marvelous new future in the New Jerusalem! If you examine your life and you feel like you’re not currently “making the cut”, there is still time but the day is coming and without warning when we will flee our homes to avoid what is coming. So hurry and get it done this year BEFORE the election, is my personal recommendation.

If you have not read about the Tribulations, trust me when I say: you DO NOT want to be here when the second-half of the Tribulations begin (possibly between this December 2020-Spring), read about what will happen here under "The Holy Ghost is Taken From the Earth." You WILL be stuck without the best protection if you don’t make it through this portion, read here for President Nelson's words on the matter. For the Lord will only take the remnant of his people who are strictly obedient in the last days. There will be those who will not be ready and will either perish or barely escape and live in fear. PLEASE. I beg you not to let any children go through that.

Please pray, read your scriptures and take time to understand them and the words of the Prophets, know what signs to look for, and ask Heavenly Father for help. He will guide you. Knowledge is power and safety- the more you know, the better prepared you will be, the more faith you will have to endure and not be afraid! You are also not without help for we are to help one another! Please make use of the Forum and contact your Bishop of your local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

If I have missed an item from these lists, send me a message and I will update!

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