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Physical Readiness Checklist

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This is an ideal list for those who are able to go all out. I want to make it very clear that if you do not and can not buy or obtain all of these items, it will not keep you from the Olive Press. The Lord is always understanding of the desire of our hearts and our best efforts. You do need to make a reasonable effort for you and your children to have at least a decent day pack (regular sized backpack) with at least the bare essentials.

If you can only do the bare essentials, might I highly recommend the regular seeking of personal revelation for you and your family on what ultimately would be the most important items to pack. I will add an example essentials list here but please remember that there are many different ideas on what items are the absolute most essential. It mostly depends upon your survival skills.

Remember, when the Prophet tells us it's time to flee our homes, we will be with groups of many other Saints. So remember, it's also a group effort and the Lord will be with us. However, it is imperative that we become ready now so that we are not caught unprepared like the 5 unwise virgins who had to run and buy oil because they had none. When they finished buying their oil, it was too late for the doors to the wedding had already closed. Do not get caught unprepared! For once the Saints have left to the place prepared for them, we need to be quick before we miss that opportunity.

Bare Essentials:

  • Backpack

  • Bar of soap, washcloth

  • Toothbrush,floss,toothpaste in a plastic bag

  • Leatherman tool/scissors/nail clippers

  • 2 Water bottles

  • 2 energy bars

  • Extra shirt, pants, socks, underwear (I recommend very warm items.)

  • Solar light or flashlight with extra batteries, matches

  • Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl

  • Children- paper, pencil, crayons, book or toy

  • Babies- 3 washable diapers, warm blanket, baby Tylenol

  • Garments, Temple Clothes? (for Temple recommenders)

Ideal 72 Hour Kit:

This list is made for a large external frame hiking backpack

These two are good for adults: this or this.

This size is good for kids 7 and up: this.

** = special ordered items

recom = highly recommended items

BOLD = crucial items


Change of clothes (jeans, t-shirt)

Change of Garments/underwear

Regular socks

Thermal or wool socks

Thermal underwear

Baclava fleece hat

Waterproof pants/jackets (plastic clothes that go over-top your regular)

(or Poncho)

Garments, Temple Clothes? (for Temple recommenders)


2 Toilet Paper in large ziplock

Ziplock bag: (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, razors, shaving cream, nail clippers, tweezers, floss, ear swabs, etc.)




Tissues (recom washable handkerchiefs)

Wetwipes (optional, will not last)

Disinfectant wipes (optional)

Large Towel

**Norwex cloth or washcloth (multi-use Enviro Cloth recom)

Small Mirror


Women - washable menstrual cup like DivaCup (recom!)

Washable Menstrual Pads (recom!)

Go Girl portable bathroom accessory (recom!)


Freeze-dried meal

Gallon ziplock bags

Emergency food (high calorie protein bars)

Strong reusable metal water bottle (recom)

Water filter - (“mini H2O filtration system” by Sawyer. “Filters up to 100k gallons”)


LED battery flashlight

Extra batteries in a ziplock

LED Headlamp (optional)

Hand powered flashlight


Sewing kit or Clothes glue (recom both)

Box of matches

Magnesium flint and steel or Ferro rods


Duct tape (recom)

Decent First Aid Kit with Moleskin (recom!)

Compact Fishing net

Leatherman multi-tool

Foldable saw with case, string saw or hatchet

Metal Mess kit (recom)

Metal Fork and Spoon

Military Tool Belt for tools (optional: at Military Surplus)

Pouch to go on belt (or get fanny pack)

KBAR knife (can go on belt, multi-tool) (optional)

Skinning knife (optional)

Knife Sharpener

Binoculars (optional)


Mini Scriptures

Playing cards

Pens and pencils/note pad (optional)


Medicine (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, etc)

For those who get skin allergies, I recommend the Benadryl gel.

**Any important personal meds, ie: insulin


Sleeping bag

Large Tarp (recom)

Tent for your family (recom)


Trash bag

Groceries bags

A couple ties to tie on or clasp sleeping bag and tarp to external frame of backpack.  You can buy them separately at Walmart in the camping section. 


This list is for a regular backpack

Mini Scriptures

Water Bottle

Metal Mess Kit

Metal fork and spoon

Tissues (reusable handkerchief)

Bar of soap


**Norwex Cloth or washcloth

Gallon ziplock with 2 toilet paper rolls

Small First Aid Kit (add separately wound stopping powder, moleskin)

Flashlight with extra bag of batteries

Fold up shovel or trowal


A few to several 5 gallon buckets to hold large bags of dry goods

Flour, Sugar, Salt, Oats, Pancake Mix, Blueberry Muffin Mix, Cornmeal, Powdered Milk, etc.

Large 50 lb. bag dog food (optional)

A few 5 gallon stackable water containers


dish soap

Stainless steal pot or cast iron

Rubbing Alcohol

Lifestraw family size water filter (recom)

**Volcano Cooker (optional)

Winter proof jacket, snow-pants, boots

Bow/arrows, gun/ammo, fishing box

Tent or two depending on family size

An extra 3 man tent for putting gear in (or use a large tarp!)

Large Tarp with metal eyes on the edges and bungie cords with hooks to go across the top of the handcart to keep it dry.

Tips and Tricks:

I know that is a lot of items and I know it can be very daunting. Something I have learned over the years is to know what items do not need to be in every backpack. This is especially true if you have a large family. With many people carrying backpacks, it makes it easier for example, to only have the scriptures with Dad or the large main first aid kit with Mom. Not everyone will need a rope or a tool.

Remember that the most important items, (1) keep you warm, (2) gives you light, (3) cleans your water, (4) gives you shelter, (5) keeps you fed, (6) keeps you clean.

I personally have to have music and plan to bring some portable instruments and a hymn book.

The 72-hour kit purpose is to hold the bulk of your items. The day pack's purpose is to always be carried on your person and hold items you may need to keep on hand such as water, chapstick, toilet paper, soap, mess kit, multi-tool and shovel to dig a hole to use as a bathroom.

You may have noticed that I added a quick list of items that may go on a handcart. That is for the ultra prepared who have the means to buy or the skills to build one. I like to be prepared as much as I can, even in the chance that the Church will be able to use their hundreds of Trek handcarts for the real deal.

I linked some of my favorite items. Please do not think that you have to buy that specific item if it is beyond your budget. After all, we don't want anyone feeling obligated to go into debt to have the latest and greatest items. Try searching for similar items at better prices or deals. Be wary of low quality items!

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