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Jodi Stoddard - Revelation & Daniel

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Second Edition

I highly recommend this wonderfully done, 4 part video series by Jodi Stoddard.

Video Part 1:

She thoroughly goes over what sacred numbers are, what they represent and why they're important. What signs are, why they're important and why we should watch for them. The math of time, times and a half which is mentioned a few times in Daniel and Revelations. How Temples and signs often coincide with sacred Jewish holidays.

Please note: All of Sis. Stoddard's video permissions are now private. To watch video, press the play button, then click on "Watch this video on YouTube" which will be at the top under "Video unavailable."

Video Part 2:

In this video she shows us what seals are and some 6th seal prophecies that were fulfilled. The parallel of time, times and a half with the Temples. The opening of the 7th seal, math of "half an hour", and what privileges can be ours now as said by Pres. Nelson. She details the "woman in the sky" sign found in Revelations and the sign of Israel becoming a nation as well as the restoration of their true capital. The Jubilees of Exodus and the roles they play concerning signs of the times.

Video Part 3:

She shows the importance of the two rare solar eclipses (the second one will be in 2024), the commemorative Jewish temple coin featuring Pres. Trump and King Cyrus. The number 40 in conjunction with sacred Jewish holidays. The midway point between the eclipses and the end of the half hour of silence. She has a great lesson that expounds the Sons of Levi and the important part they will play. Who are the 24 and 4 elders? Lastly a parallel to Samuel the Lamanite and a "sign in the heavens" according to Rev. 14:17-19 that will happen this year (2020).

Video Part 4:

In this last video, Jodi goes over the 4 harvests which represent the church as well as different times and signs of the last days. She goes over the marriage traditions of the Jews and why that is important to us in helping us understand the the parable of the 10 Virgins as well as the parallel of a woman in labor which is used in Revelation. The second coming of Christ and the symbolism of the veil. The sign of the missionaries coming home, the temples closing, Moroni losing his trumpet and Pres. Nelson's hosanna shout as a sign (Rev. 8:1).

*A thank-you to Jodi Stoddard for allowing the use of her videos on my website!*

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