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Last-Days Timeline

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

This timeline comes from scripture and words of the Prophets

in the most accurate timeline we can get. Many items in the

different stages may happen at the same time. Later posts will

go into more detail and I will add references. This is for quick

reading due to length.

I will go into detail with each stage as I get time to write more

articles, but for now, please refer to "Coming of the Lord" by

Gerald N. Lund (compilation of all LDS prophecies.)


Lord Cleans His House First

"Upon my house shall it begin." This is the separation of the wheat from the tares and the olive Press. The parable of the 10 Virgin's. The end of the Hastening period. "Do not, therefore, be ye deceived." The Lord promised that those who aren't ready will be turned away and the first to fall.

Disease Will Sweep the Earth in Spite of Medical Advances

Great plagues, diseases and pestilences will run rampant upon the earth in one of the last efforts to bring people to repentance. God will not be mocked. "All their works will be brought to naught."

Half-Hour of Silence Ends

After the seventh seal was opened in 2000, there is silence in heaven for half an hour (~21 years.) Then the first angel blows his trumpet, signaling the beginning of the seven plagues.


This is Satan in Politics and the beginning of the end of America as we know it. This big government allows the entrance for the mark of the beast. This is what tears down the Constitution and causes it to "hang by a thread." Only the Saints will "save" it by bringing the same principles to the New Jerusalem.


Satan loves to mimic the Savior any chance he gets. He becomes the puppet master of this Anti-Christ who assists the first great beast as it's mouthpiece in Revelation 13. The first great beast is that "great and abominable church". This Anti-Christ will do false miracles and create the "Mark of the Beast". We do not know who it is or how long they have been around doing this work. The "image of the beast", which is usually meant as an idol of some sort, to which they slay anyone who will not worship it.

Mark of the Beast

This mark is instituted by the Anti-Christ that ultimately serves as one of Satan's seals - which again mimics God's version of His seal. In some passages of Revelation it is clear that this mark or seal will allow some of the calamities to "see" the difference between God's people and the wicked such as the 5th trumpet. In Rev. 13:16, those who do not have this mark in their hands or foreheads will not be able to buy or sell.

Many Will Refuse to Believe the Signs

Many people will be so far removed from God and His word and in how they conduct their lives that they will either pay no attention to the signs or see them and scoff saying that everything is still as it was.

Constitution Hangs by a Thread

The collective cry for socialism-communism or big government from the masses paves the way for the destruction of those same principles that we fought against even in the premortal life. The many different ways this will tear down of the Constitution ultimately leads to a massive Civil War.

Temples Will Close

In Daniel 12:11 he says, in speaking of the latter-days, that the "daily sacrifice" or Temple worship will be taken away before the abomination of desolation. This desolation refers to the destruction of Israel. Christ tells us that this abomination of desolation will happen twice. First time was when Rome destroyed Jerusalem, the second will be at Armageddon.

Missionaries Come Home

The Lord will call the Missionaries home when the chaos and catastrophe(s) come. Then the Lord will "preach" His own sermons to the nations of the earth with "fire, sword, tempests, earthquakes, hail, rain, thunders and lightning and all manner of fearful destruction."

Pure Remnant Flees

Before the worst of the calamities begin and the Lord has sufficiently "pressed" His people in the Olive Press to remove the non-obedient and slothful servants and preserve the obedient remnant, He will have His Prophet call them forth to gather to their Stakes, then to the place that has been prepared for them. This give his faithful remnant the best protection from the ensuing destruction. "He will not save us by staying home."


Holy Ghost is Taken From the World

The Spirit of God will be entirely withdrawn from the Gentile nations and "leave them to themselves." This gives Satan full power over their hearts insomuch that they will do whatever Satan "listeth" them to do.

A Great Hailstorm

Sometime before Christ's coming, a great hailstorm will come down and destroy the crops of the earth. Each hail will weigh about the size of a "talent." This leads to a great worldwide famine.

Civil War in America

Party will be against party, state against state and the nation will be locked in "dreadful revolution." There will be great blood-lust, so much so, that this Civil War will be as a type and a shadow (parallel) of the Jaredites killing each other until the last man.

America is Invaded

The Lord will bring other nations upon America while she is at her weakest point (Civil War). This will be done because of the wickedness of the nation. He allows the wicked to slay the wicked.

War Upon All Nations

There will not only be war and bloodshed in America, but there will be war and violence all over the earth. Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and they will work hard to destroy each other.

Catastrophes Will Abound

Famines, earthquakes, tornadoes and all sorts of natural disasters will rage. Despite these, men will still harden their hearts and take up the sword against one another.

The Sun and the Moon are darkened

Sometime during all of this, the Lord will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, fire and smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the Lord comes. Probably due to all the wars and pollution.

The Lord's Remnant in the Wilderness

The preserved remnant of the church may live in the wilderness for 3 1/2 years or time, times and a half, waiting out the worst of the wars and destruction. Rev. 12:6.

A Great Portion Will Walk to Missouri

We have many, many Saints all over the world. Not all will walk to where the New Jerusalem will be built. Many will stay close to their Temples as they come out of their gathering places. However, a "great portion" will walk to Missouri together. Miracles are wrought and angels will protect them. When they reach Jackson County, MO, it will have been completely destroyed.

A Man Like Unto Moses

We do not know who this will be, however, the Lord has said that He will raise a man like unto Moses to lead the righteous remnant back to Missouri just as Moses led the Israelites. The Prophet is most likely this man.

*Stage 3 and 4 will occur simultaneously on opposite sides of the world.*

Stage 3: America's Side

The Remnant Returns

The great portion of Saints reaches the place where the New Jerusalem will be built. The land is completely desolate.

The New Jerusalem Begins to be Built

It will be built from the ground-up. The New Jerusalem will be the last vestige of peace in all the world. This great city will be built from all manner of precious stones and metals to last forever. It will be built from revelation from the Lord, effort and obedience from the Saints. Nothing will decay. The great Temple will be built in the center and a great light will shine from it to the heavens as a beacon that will either terrify the wicked or beckon to the righteous. Even Kings and princes of the earth will hear news about this city and will not believe but venture to see for themselves but many will feel fear and flee.

Other's Will Come

Those who are left who refused to take up arms against their neighbors will flee to the New Jerusalem. They will see the beacon, others will only hear about it and seek it out. They will not be of our faith but will seek protection. All will be allowed in who are "honorable."

Inheritances Are Called

Those who were faithful in paying tithes and offerings will be given an inheritance in the New Jerusalem.

The Lamanites Will Gather

A remnant of the Native American people, the Lamanites, will gather together and come to the New Jerusalem. They will be instrumental with the Church in building the great city.

The Lost Ten Tribes Come

After a great portion of destruction in America has passed, it will open the way for the Lost Ten Tribes and their Prophet to cross the ice highway, vasts lands and deserts, following the Rocky Mountains down to the New Jerusalem. There, they will also assist in building the city and Temple. They also bring with them treasures such as the records of their people.

The 144,000 Elders Are Sent

This is the great and last missionary effort to the inhabitants of the world that are left after the initial destruction. These Elders will be set apart by Angels from the City of Enoch who were the original 144,000, thus having the keys. There will be 12,000 Elders from each tribe.

New Jerusalem Is The Greatest City

Because of the righteousness of it's inhabitants, great will be their inspiration in all aspects of literature, science, arts, manufacture and technology. A "concentration of wisdom." It will have the most magnificent buildings, gardens, clothing, health and intellect.

New Laws Are Instituted

The Law of Consecration and the Law of Sacrifice, which are inseparable, will be restored prior to Christ's coming. The Sons of Levi will be restored along with the Law of Sacrifice and will have a special place in the great Temple. Also, all of Mormon and Moroni's records in the grand depository will be transferred to the Temple.

The Pure in Heart See Christ

Before Christ comes in all His glory, He will suddenly come to His Temple to purify the sons of Moses and of Aaron so that they will be able to offer up a righteous offering in the Temple in sight of the Lord. They will be transfigured in order to withstand Christ's presence.

The Council of Adam-Ondi-Ahman

One of the last events before Christ comes, He will first call a grand meeting. Only those who will have the great honor to attend will know about it or that it has happened. Christ, Adam and all the old and new Prophets that ever lived will attend. Christ will take back all keys that where ever given to men and Adam will deliver up his stewardship. All keys and stewardships are completely restored to Christ right before He comes and takes His throne.

A Great Worldwide Earthquake

At the very last minute when all hope seems lost, Christ will come down, set his feet upon the Mount of Olives which causes a great earthquake to shake the whole earth. This causes the Mount of Olives to be torn in half, thereby allowing safe passage for the Jewish people to escape. This same earthquake will cause a great part of the enemy hosts to be destroyed. At this sign we will know what is happening on the other side of the Earth.

Stage 4: Israel's Side

The Temple in Jerusalem is Rebuilt

Before Christ will come, the Temple in Jerusalem is required to be built. Two "witnesses" or Prophets will be sent to Israel with the mission to assist in building the Temple. After it's complete, they then assist in protecting Jerusalem from falling to the Gentiles for 3 1/2 years. These witnesses will have tremendous power to do mighty miracles. They will also Prophecy to the Jews during this time.

Satan and the Anti-Christ Stirs Nations to Battle

Satan will gather up millions upon millions of people into the valleys all around Israel to destroy the Jews. He is able to sway these people by using his Anti-Christ and three unclean spirits to go forth doing false miracles. He sends his Anti-Christ to the kings of the earth and convinces them to go against Israel. These kings will "seek a pretext" to make war upon them.

The Battle of Armageddon

This is also called the Abomination of Desolation. The battle of Armageddon may refer even back when the many nations first surround Israel, but the Abomination of Desolation is when the Gentiles will have Jerusalem almost completely destroyed. The hosts of the many nations will be so vast that the Jews will burn the spoils of war for seven years with no need for fuel. They will spend seven months burying the dead using full time burial teams.

Two Prophets Are Slain

At the end of the 3 1/2 years, the armies be able to seize the two Prophets and kill them. This causes the vast armies to celebrate for 3 1/2 days as they leave their bodies unburied and lying in the streets. After these 3 1/2 days, their bodies spring back to life, rise and stand on their feet. The armies will be in great fear upon seeing this. Then will the Lord call forth his two servants, the two Prophets who will ascent up into heaven while the armies watch in great dread.

The Great Worldwide Earthquake

At the very last minute when all hope seems lost, Christ will come down, set his feet upon the Mount of Olives which causes a great earthquake to shake the whole earth. This causes the Mount of Olives to be torn in half, thereby allowing safe passage for the Jewish people to escape. This same earthquake will cause a great part of the enemy hosts to be destroyed.

*7th Trumpet Sounds*

The Dead Sea is Healed

After the earthquake, a great fountain under the Temple will spring forth, flowing down into the Dead Sea. These waters will heal the Dead Sea from its curse and make it usable again.

Christ Shows Himself to the Jews

After Christ conquers that great army, He will show himself to the Jews in the new valley. They will look upon the wounds in His hands and feet and mourn from their startling discovery. They will fall down on their knees and worship Him. They will declare Him as the Christ!

Stage 5:

The Whole World Will See Christ

After a space of half an hour, the heavens will open as if it were a scroll and all will behold his face. Christ will unveil his face and those righteous who are alive will be quickened. Christ is clothed with power and great glory, accompanied by his holy angels.

The First Resurrection

Those Saints who are dead that Christ calls to rise forth to meet him in the heavens is the first resurrection. Afterwards, those living on the new restored earth who die, will be resurrected right away. "They will not sleep."

The Righteous Are Taken Up and the Wicked Burned

The Saints who are dead will burst from their tomes. They along with they Saints who are still alive will be caught up in the heavens with Christ to be preserved from the coming destruction. The wicked who are left will run and hide. Christ in all his Glory, and the saints transformed, sends an all consuming fire that completely covers the earth "with his fiery floods of his wrath."

Satan is Bound for a Millennium

Once the earth is cleansed by fire, Satan and his hosts are taken and bound or sealed up. Satan has lost his power and dominion.

Christ Restores the Earth

After the earth is cleansed from all wickedness and corruption, it is transformed into a terrestrial form and receive its paradisiacal glory. Only those living a telestial law will be swept off and those who will remain will either live a terrestrial or celestial law during the millennium. There will be no more enmity between people and creatures. The earth will be a paradise.

Stage 6:

The City of Enoch Returns

The City of Enoch will come down to meet us in the New Jerusalem at the commencement of the Millennium. They will live with us and we shall see "eye to eye."

The Great Work of the Millennium

Billions upon billions of people lived on the earth before us. Christ must have their work performed before the final day of judgement. This work can be done only in the Temples. This great work will be the primary objective of the Saints during this time. Saints will complete this work using daily communication from those who have passed. It will be such a great work that temporal needs will be easily met so the people can do more work.

Satan is Unbound

At the close of the Millennium, Satan will be loosed one last time upon the earth. He gathers together his hosts of hell and is able to stir up the hearts of the children of men to such a degree that he will once more have control over a great army. Meanwhile, Michael the archangel will be gathering his army of angels.

The Battle of Gog and Magog

Satan and his hosts of hell gathers this massive army and surrounds the city. When it seems all is lost, God rains fire from heaven which consumes all the wicked armies that have bodies leaving Satan and his host.

Stage 7:

The Earth Receives It's Full Glory

After the battle of Gog and Magog is won, the earth passes through its final stages of temporal existence and becomes the celestial kingdom. Those who are found worthy to live a celestial life will dwell with God and given their reward. The earth will "be a Urim and Thummim to the inhabitants who dwell thereon, or all kingdoms of a lower order, will be manifest to those who dwell on it; and this earth will be Christ's."

Last Resurrection

Those who were unrepentant or of a telestial glory will finally get their resurrection but then be moved to place where they will live only a telestial glory.

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