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2. The Wheat Harvest

Updated: May 21, 2020

This is the second Harvest.


Brigham Young ~ Overlaps Grape Harvest (has ended or is soon to end)

Wheat is the longest harvest and is planted and harvested twice a year ~ 120 days/2x per year

Wheat Offering to the Temple ~ Day of Shavout or Pentecost

What is it?

In Israel, there are three main "feast" days that are associated with three main Jewish holidays:

Barley = Passover = harvested in early Spring = the overcomers

Wheat = Pentecost = harvested in early Summer & Fall = main body of believers

Grapes = Tabernacles = harvested in mid-late Summer = hastening/unbelievers

Olives = Fall Harvest = Olive Press/Preserved or Scattered (connected with the Grapes)

The Wheat Harvest represents the large growing period of the church. Wheat is susceptible to cold and rough climate but does very well in favorable climate and as such generally does not require much care. One major stumbling block of growing wheat (and most grain) is the growth of "tares" or weeds that resemble wheat when young. In Jewish tradition, as soon as the "first fruits" of the wheat has grown, a cut of that wheat is made as a sacred offering or sacrifice, at the altar in their temple.

This offering at the altar had to be purified first. The wheat (unlike barley) had to be thrashed upon a thrashing floor in order for the grain to separate from the stalk, it was long labor intensive work. Then the grain was grounded and sifted 12 times. Once this was done, the pure flour was made into two leavened loafs which is thought to represent the two witnesses of the church. The allowed use of leaven, which represents corruption and sin, is "baked out" or cleansed after it is baked in the fire. This shows that it is really us who are symbolically sacrificed; it was customary to offer a sacrifice to give "thanks" as well as an offering for "sin" at this time. If we sacrifice our sin, so to speak, then are we purified.

Once this offering was done, then the rest of the grain in the field was allowed to be eaten.


Missionary work is essential to the building up of Christ's church! It is thought that this harvest started with Brigham Young because he was the one who made missionary missions consistent. In April 26, 1839, While Prophet Joseph Smith was in jail, Brigham Young led the early church in a meeting outside the temple block in Far West, Missouri. This meeting was in preparation for the new 12 Apostles to go on their missions to England where they met up later that year. Now, this was not the first time they went to England but it was a turning point in the church after much suffering, persecution, Joseph Smith in jail, the few Apostle who went apostate, etc.

Now, 200 years later, we have up to 80,000 missionaries in the field! These are the last fruits of this harvest. Soon, we may see the bringing home of missionaries by the end of this year with the Feast of Tabernacles or with the end of the Grape Harvest that comes next. This end represents the 7th day/month or Sabbath day when God rested. So too, will the "day of the gentiles" be done and the missionaries called home. We know that this is a major sign of the times as well as temples closing. We just aren't exactly sure when it will be.

This is just as the church in Revelation is likened unto a women who "travaileth" (labor pains.) She knows that she will be giving birth soon, but cannot know the day nor the hour that it will happen. Nor does she start to feel the big contraction pains of labor until it is already upon her. However, she DOES know that it WILL happen soon and knows to be prepared for when the time does come. For when the end labor starts, then it would already be too late to do further preparations.

So to, do the members of the church need to be similarly prepared. It WILL come. It will come SOON. Just how soon? Keep reading my posts!

Don't be a tare!

Just like the wheat grows with the tares so too does the faithful members grow along side those who don't keep the commandments. Just like how tares look just like wheat as it grows, so too do we have members who make the least amount of personal effort yet take full advantage of the church. They are those who do not take the gospel to heart and are not truly converted. Just as the wheat has to be thrashed upon a thrashing floor to separate the grain from the stalks and tares, will those members fall. Then are the tares taken and thrown into the purifying fire leaving the pure obedient remnant. They are those, whom if they do not repent, keep all of the commandments to their best ability and mend their ways, they are promised to be separated and be the "first to fall." Gerald N. Lund, Coming of the Lord, pg. 71.

He goes on to say, "So it is evident that the members of the Church who are not observing the commandments of the Lord in this day will likewise experience the wrath of God. This chastening will serve a valuable purpose in helping the Church prepare the world for the coming of the Lord... These chastening judgements will tend to weed out the wicked and unfaithful membership of the Church so that the Lord will have a people who will carry out His will in all things."

Warning - Not all suffering comes from wickedness. We are all still subject to natural law. There will be those may die from disease, calamities, etc. It does NOT necessarily mean that they were wicked people. (pg. 77) Remember, that the righteous who die will have their reward. The wicked have NO HOPE of escape, and those who die in their wickedness have NO HOPE of a reward. (pg. 80)

If you fear that you are not on the right path, there's time! Repent, read your scriptures, read Conference talks, talk with your Bishop, seek personal revelation and be prepared! We want you with us!

What now?

We need to look for the sign that will tell us when the next harvest will be. The next harvest is the Grape Harvest. Grapes must be harvested quickly before they sour, thus it is called the hastening.

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